Health Management Services


We have several different application processes to feed your valuable trees. This improves their health making them more tolerant and resistant to adverse conditions. You will also enjoy a much healthier appearance prized trees portray when they are nourished. They have a darker healthier color in their leaves. The leaves are larger and the canopy is thicker. They will exhibit a lush growth. We offer liquid feeding, more of a shot in the arm treatment to invigorate declining and weak trees. We also apply dry fertilizer which has more staying power and will give them long term help. It can be broadcast in some situations or drill set with a powerful drill and two inch auger which also helps to aerate the soil, an added benefit.


The total energy of a lightning bolt is equivalent to two tons of TNT as it travels from the strike point. As the current travels down a tree it can “jump” to a more conductive tree, person, animal or structure, since the current follows the path of least resistance. Lightning protection involves running copper stranded wire on the trunk and out to a ground rod to protect the tree from a lightning strike. This is not designed to directly protect people from lightning strikes and should never be viewed as making a protected tree a safe haven during an electrical storm.


Quality Tree Service is certified by the state of Virginia to control pests in ornamental trees and shrubs. Our applicators are also licensed and certified. We maintain a wealth of knowledge based upon years of training and experience to know the timing and chemicals to use in controlling unwanted insects and diseases. We also offer environmentally safe biological control services. We are also certified in the Mauget Injection Process to induce poisons into the tree if spraying is not an option. With our powerful hydraulic sprayer and our 70' bucket truck we can reach the tops of even the tallest trees.

Maintenance Services


As the name implies, this is a service offered to make trees healthier, more aesthetically pleasing, and safer overall. We can trim out the dead wood, thus getting rid of infected limbs and allowing the rest of the tree to flourish.


Another service we take pride in is cutting the lower limbs on trees to get them above the present plain if they are intrusive, open up a view of the water in a case of waterfront homes (this does not violate the Chesapeake Bay Act), or to trim them away from structures.


Sometimes, it isn’t completely necessary to remove a weak but valued tree. Although sometimes a tree may have an incurable disease and removal is the only option, a tree may be saved from a downward spiral through maintenance services like crown reduction and fertilizing. In this area, our services are second to none. On occasion, we’ll trim back a healthy tree to reduce the threat of storm damage, both for the tree and nearby property. We try to stay away from cutting back to stark stubs, but rather to maintain a trees conformity by offering a smaller safer specimen. A weak tree can be followed up with a feeding program to invigorate it. It may also require an application of pesticide to control invasive insects.

Removal Services


If you've had a tree come down during the last storm, contact us to to take care of it for you. As part of our removal service, we will haul away any debris from the job site. Our customers are continually thanking us for the thorough cleanup. We take pride in treating your property with respect.


This is a service we offer to complete the task of tree removal. We tend to recommend grinding of the stump, usually about five inches below grade, unless it is in a wooded or inconspicuous location. This facilitates future maintenance to the area the tree was located in. You will be able to mow cleanly over the location. We also provide this service even if we didn't take the tree down. Preferably the stump should be cut close to the ground to minimize the amount that needs to be ground. The unsightly stump is processed into a pile of attractive mulch which can be used for other projects. If requested, we can haul away the excess chips and leave the area level.


We can take down your trees in a controlled manner if removal is necessitated. We are experts in rigging to make the completion of this task safe and minimize the chance of damage to your property. We have access to cranes when that appears to be the best tool for the job and have many years of experience incorporating them into our tree removal process. We have equipment to process the tree swiftly.